Update from KF4PYX . . .

The following is directly from Tommie Justice, KF4PYX, via WCARS President Scott McCabe, W4IYS:

“Good news , Bad news……..The doctor office called and canceled my bypass surgery from Friday morning ( 22nd) until Wednesday morning (27th) 5:30AM arrival time and 7:30 by pass surgery time.   The anticipation continues, stomach has been tied in knots for last day or so. Will have to stay in Quarantine till then which is hard to do.   The reason for the change is the impending snow storm. We had all the bases covered but believe the choice made will be the best. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. Will try to keep you posted.”

KF4PYX requesting prayers

Hi all:
This message received by Randy KI4VLW, and sent to you re: WCARS club
member KF4PYX, Tommie Justice
73 ~ N4SET Steve, Treasurer, WCARS
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Sent: Fri, Jan 15, 2016 2:20 pm
Subject: Tommie update
 Wednesday, the 13th.
We went to Memorial Mission hospital and they did a catheterization of
his  heart. He was on Plavix and had to wait until all of it was out of
his body and they are planning to do 4-5 by-passes at the end of next
week. They kept him over night to de-sentize him of aspirin with small
doses of aspirin and increasing the dose every 30 min from 9pm until
12.  We came home around 6PM on Thursday.   He will be on an aspirin a
day for the rest of his living days.
The doctors office was supposed to call us  on Friday (today) and let us
know the exact time and day next week to be there for the by-passes.
Until then he can’t be in any crowds, no lifting, no bending, no
greens(eating) no going outside if tempt is below 40 degrees, no
driving. Only walking around in the house.
We desire your prayers that GOD’S WILL BE DONE.

Prayers needed for N4NH

Via WCARS President Scott McCabe, W4IYS:

Norman Harrill (N4NH) was taken to the hospital Tues morning with a  suspected heart attack.  Tests showed no heart attack; however, he does have atrial fibrillation and will see a cardiologist.  Please continue your prayers and thoughts for Norman and his family.

Thanks much,  Scott

N4AA needs help with tower project

Carl Smith, N4AA, in Leicester needs help with a tower project. He is looking for someone with the tools and expertise to install Rohn 25G
tower sections. He has 60 feet that needs to be installed. The base and guy anchors are already installed. Carl has all the necessary guy material and associated hardware for the project. Two antennas are to be installed on the tower, a six meter beam and a WARC band dipole.

Anyone who wishes to help and is qualified to do this type of work, are asked to call Carl at 828-683-0709.